I love to draw 🤍✏️

I'm a mixed media illustrator and digital designer.

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I write about drawing and illustration approaches, mixed media projects, and digital design adventures.


My own line of digital and physical art products, e.g. stationery, collage kits, and more, is in the works . . .

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Sirenella Press: My Self Publishing Brand Is Slowly Coming To Life 🙏🤍

There's not a whole lot to share about my emerging self publishing brand, Sirenella Press, at this time. Not until I complete my Illustration MFA, at least. Until then, moving ahead full force with this brand (along with my first book!) is on hold.

Still, just even getting to this point — in terms of actually putting an official brand name and designing a brand face for this self publishing direction — is a really exciting development for me; one I've waited an entire lifetime to articulate, manifest, and unleash.